123 Victoria Street Project

Period: September 2011 - August 2012
Main contractor: Mace Group Ltd
Facade Contractor: Glassolution Ltd
Subcontractor: Cornelius UK Ltd

123 Victoria Street

123 Victoria Street is a comprehensive new office refurbishment in the heart of London`s Victoria, and is now the new home of Jimmy Choo and CDC. The refurbish consist of 3150 glass units, 912 vents, shop-fronts, and thousands of linear meters of silicone.

Installation consisted of the following:

  • Facade area: 12.870m²
  • Replacement of 4.062 panels
  • Application/ resealing of 20,160 linear meters of silicone
  • Comprehensive refurbishment of cladding to improve energy and aesthetics  properties
  • Maximization of the internal natural lighting
  • Replacement of all sealants and gaskets to improve water/air/sound tightness
  • Fixing of new internal finishes, refurbishment of all smoke vents
  • Cleaning and refurbishment of louver frames to motor rooms
  • Replacement and reconfiguration of retail shop-front and reception areas with floor to ceiling silicon joint glazing and standardized signage
  • Building of a new triple height atrium in the building