Chelsea Waterfront

Period: January 2017 – In Progress
Main Contractor: Ardmore Construction Ltd
Facade subcontractor: Aygun Aluminum UK Ltd
Secondary Subcontractor: Cornelius UK Ltd

Chelsea Waterfront

Chelsea Waterfront Tower is an excellent development set in one of the capital’s most sought after areas.

The internationally renowned architect Sir Terry Farrell has designed the master plan and Chelsea Waterfront’s site with an enviable 600 meters of river frontage and includes the imposing former Lots Road Power Station, which with its twin chimneys is one of Chelsea’s best loved historic landmark buildings.

Installation consisted of the following:

  • façade area: 11,500m2
  • installation of aluminium curtain wall unitised system
  • Hilti spray fire/smoke seal
  • installation of main entrance
  • installation of aluminium soffits
  • column cladding
  • sliding doors
  • unitizing system combined with halo structure
  • stick work, glazing and silicone on ground floor
  • sliding doors and columns
  • internal works
  • copings
  • IRATA technicians
  • Koruflex spray protection