3 Broadgate

Period: June 2018 – February 2019
Main Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd
Facade subcontractor: Waagner-Biro Ltd
Secondary Subcontractor: Cornelius UK Ltd

3 Broadgate

Three Broadgate provides a pedestrian link between Broadgate Circle and Finsbury Avenue Square. It was built in 1987 to serve as the estate’s marketing suite.

Architecture firm ORMS has designed a three-storey arch created in the façade with a wider entry point, in order to improve links with the surrounding estate.

The pink granite cladding has been replaced with a veil made up of decorative tiles- designed to reference the site’s use for cloth making in medieval times.

Installation consisted of the following:

  • removing and re-installing existing acoustic louvers
  • installation of steel mullions, including brackets and gaskets
  • installation envelope inner facade to drum
  • installation envelope wave top coping structure
  • installation envelope feature glazing, toggle system
  • installation steel ring beam
  • installation envelope external shingle cladding
  • installation envelope bird mesh
  • installation envelope stainless steel panels
  • installation envelope partitions, flashings
  • installation of horizontal fire/acoustic stopping