Feringa Building

Period: Octomber 2021 - Ongoing
Main Contractor: University of Groningen
Facade subcontractor: Ballast Nedam
Secondary Subcontractor: Cornelius UK Ltd

Feringa Building

Feringa Building – one of the largest and most impressive laboratory buildings in the Netherlands and the academic world.

Installation consisted of the following:

– HSB installation

  • Installation of consoles (drilling holes, mounting, setting, grouting);
  • Installation of HSB panels;
  • Setting of HSB, adjusting in order to have a straight line (2 mm tolerance);
  • Insulation

– Curtain wall

  • Installation of aluminum stick work;
  • Installation of glass;
  • Installation of aluminum copings;
  • Installation of Schuco doors.

–  Mounting Eternit Plates

  • Building back structure (Hilti system mostly, wood work);
  • Cutting Eternit plates on site;
  • Mounting Eternit Plates (gluing with mastic, fixed with screws/rivet nuts)

– Building ‘’Yellow Houses’’

  • Installation of Knauf system of ceiling;
  • Manufacturing wood coves encased in ceiling;
  • Mounting aqua board skylight;
  • Building wood/steel substructure on HSB for outside cladding;
  • Mounting aqua board outside

– Other works

  • Installation of over 500 door frames;
  • Mounting timber and aluminum plinths (adjusted on site);
  • Mastic application;
  • Assembly grated floors;
  • Assembly ramp entrance with prefab concrete elements;
  • Mounting Kaanplanken;
  • Building different types of back-structures for other trades;
  • different other works covering contractor needs.